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Part Time Jobs For 16 Year Olds

By admin On February 20, 2011 Under jobs for 16 year olds

part time jobs for 16 year oldsYou just turned from 15 to 16 year olds and you feel happy with your life. Just because you get a drivers license. Also, your parents give a new car so that you can go any places and do the things that you could not do as a 15 year olds. You are now responsibilities of car payments among other things, you should make more money than you did before. Therefore, you actually should find a higher salary job.

Waiter or waitress is one of the best part time jobs. As a teenager, waitering jobs are the highest paying jobs and it is between $10 and $15 per hour. Good waiters or waitresses often earn hundred dollars in tips if they serve customers well. When customers go for dinner in a restaurant, they are not only looking for a good meal but aslo for a good serving service that can make them feel a little more comfortable. So in essence, waitering job is that provide excellent food service to the customers and also makes them feel good.

Another job is telemarketing that give big bucks to 16 year old. Telemarketing jobs for 16 year old is legitimate. The job is so easy that teenager makes calls and offer products or services over the phone to get more customers.

Doing surveys is another easy jobs for 16 year olds available today. The paid survey companies do marketing research for many global organizations. Depending on the length of each survey, you will get a certain amount of money for your job. You have to try the products which they send you and then tell them your opinion about these products. Also, there are many companies offer online surveys. This one of online jobs for teenagers.

How much money that you can earn base on various factors. You have to choose the best jobs suitable for your study time. Make sure you are not concentrate too much about earning money and forget studying. As a teenager, your study is the best investment for your future. You can generate thousand times more than part time jobs.

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